“My passion is to empower women around the world to become “unstuck” in their bodies, their minds and their souls.”

I believe the foundation for all lasting healing comes from a foundation of an empowered mindset. I personally have experienced the power of taking on one’s mindset in my healing journey through anorexia at 17 years old and again 14 years later during the exceptional levels of anxiety and panic I experienced as I moved through medical school.

Today, as a Naturopathic Consultant I have had the privilege to personally witness clients experience their own “ah-ha” moments which went on to fuel their physical, mental and emotional healing. On the flip side I have also seen those who refused or simply were not ready to shift continue in their vicious cycle of physical, mental and emotional pain.

That is what we as human beings have the responsibility to choose…chose to look behind the curtain and heal or stay steadfast in our ways and continue to suffer.

It can appear to be at times a matter of “which comes first the chicken or the egg” because when in acute pain it can be extremely challenging to take on the needed mental shifts that will propel the healing process forward. It may be in those very moments where all you want to do is cry, scream, run or continue to hold onto what you have always known to do with a vice grip…yet you may be only ONE mental shift away from allowing the healing process to begin (or continue).

The most important piece to understand here is that mindset and physical healing are NOT mutually exclusive but rather one of the greatest relationships you may choose to nurture in your life.

My invitation to you reading this is to open your heart, open your mind and open your soul and go on a exploration with me that may just change your life.

The Vitality Formula is a 12 week individualized journey addressing your metabolism and mindset. This is what I truly believe in:

“Take a modern day physician with a sprinkle of Psychologist, a dash of scientist and a healthy dose of natural medicine woman and you have an idea of the brilliance of Eva. I am always eager for her insight and expertise. She is one of my go to referrals for my clients & patients needing help healing or optimizing their metabolism” 

— Dr. Jade Teta

Each experience I have with Dr. Eva I feel more educated on how to truly enjoy being in my body and utilize the natural rhythms that best support my highest vitality. 

My husband says THANK YOU to Dr. Eva as well since she has encouraged me that SEX (OMG) is a huge stress reliever as I’ve upped my game in the life of a busy start up CEO. 

Thank you, Dr. Eva!”

— Jill F. 

“Dr. Eva is a breath of fresh air. She had the ability to identify and give a natural recommendations plan that was both clear and effective. Dr. Eva was patient, insightful, and I was so happy with her calm, nurturing demeanor to fully address my concerns. She really thinks outside of the box and educated me on how to better address and identify the cause of my issues, and not just the symptoms. I confidently recommend Dr. Eva’s practice.” 

— Hanna F.

“When I had my first consultation with Dr. Eva , she made me feel heard and taken care of. She recommended a combination of immune boosters as well as a mood pill.  Let me tell you that I am a believer now! I am currently using her recommendations to taper off of my prescriptive mood medications. Dr. Eva is a great Naturopathic practitioner and you need to schedule your consult ASAP. I will definitely refer my patients to her for her in-depth evaluations!”

Jeffrey Stern MD, Internal Medicine


I met with Dr. Yacobi in the middle of my biggest health transition. Dr. Yacobi helped me to change all my diet restrictions top to bottom and supported my body with the necessary supplements. She helped me to reduce the inflammation in my body & mind tremendously. And thanks to her I was able to learn and understand my body for the better. I would recommend anyone to start their journey with Dr. Yacobi!!

 Yasmin Y.



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