The Vitality Formula

This is a 12-week individualized journey addressing your metabolism and mindset. Twelve weeks to become unstuck physically, mentally and emotionally and find your unique strategy to living optimally. In this program you will receive a personalized metabolic blueprint for healing your metabolism, balancing your hormones, normalizing gastrointestinal function and new ways to navigate your mindset and rewire positive habits. 

    You will learn

    • The stages of metabolic breakdown and dysfunction.
    • How to navigate healing your metabolism.
    • How to navigate your own physiological cues of hunger, cravings, sleep, mood, and energy.
    • How the female menstrual cycle (pre-menopausal or post-menopausal) impacts your body, your activity, productivity and how you can make work for you instead of against you. 
    • How to become your own physical champion and feel empowered in your body, mind and soul. 


    • Phase 1: Relax and Repair 
      • Stop dieting & begin to repair metabolic damage. 
    • Phase 2: Activate and Repair 
      • Begin to overcome metabolic compensation. You will learn how to effectively cycle your nutrition, movement & exercise and lifestyle habits to take advantage of the adaptability of your body. 
    • Phase 3: Moving rhythmically between phases 
      • Learn how to flow between phase 1 and phase 2 and lead your own body with optimally with nutrition, movement & exercise and lifestyle habits. Ultimately you will no longer have to guess what your body needs but rather you will know to support and provide for it. 

    My promise

     You will learn how to master your metabolism and discover your own personal Vitality Formula. You will know how to navigate your hunger, your energy, your cravings, your stress, mood and menstrual cycle.

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